Ok. Good to know. 

Apparently it's because I was smiling.


New Happy Pics people!

If I smile, the harmonica will fall out.

Actually it is possible to smile and ...no actually it isnt


Now I have to test.

Meanwhile, back in the sadddddle agaiinn...dum da deeee


That may have been the longest we have been offline in...120 months. ish.

Any exaggeration is purely for marketing purposes.

Good tofu at Crows Nest Street Market. thanks to Adrian for the soundwork.

We had fun. I may have exceeded recent Silliness levels. Rosie was back with a vengeance.

Cheers to everyone who joined us.

We're on deck again this coming Thursday.

Meanwhile (part 2) i'mm mosey on to the corral and demist the chickens.


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