Big Ups to Elsa and Dion, the first session of the BWYA project is now in Rough cut.

I'm not sure if we'll release this version publicy, it will still take a few more shoots to get what we want, but Cellar Dwellers and Subscribers will get a guersney.

A lot went wrong in camera sadly. That happens some times. 

The camera person who was dedicated to filming Rosie got bored and started looking all around the room at anywhere but the guitar solo.

Dion's exasperated editors plea was 'Pick a subject and stay on it! Pick something to look at!' lol. Yeah i feel ya.

Framing problems, some de-synch and random battery on/offs. (sigh)

Yeah, love it.

It's hard for me to be off stage making this work and On stage doing the song.

Once again, we'll adjust and try again.

There's still some excellent bits, or so I am told.

We're scheduling session 2 in November, and with some patience, further producing and organisation, I expect we'll see the right stuff emerging in the next six months.

Making good stuff can take a proper amount of work. No shortcuts other than luck :-)

Even getting this far on this session has taken...6 months? Anyway.

I am adequately occupied with getting the tour together and trying to schedule the next work items, such as the next salon projects.

It's a good time to get an assistant.

beakerebeaketsjkfh2122ssl.jpg is the place to send money to hire one or here

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