Video Good.

We have a busy period from October through to Jan when we head to the US.

We have a busy period now actually. Logistics and what not, plus the other projects we've been trying.

Oh yeah.

I totally haven't really shared much about that this year. Maybe it's because some of the things we've been trying are a little riskier, so it's less Souffle and more Soufloppe.

Once the projects begin to bite, you usually see the results up here somewhere.

Over the next while, we'll be making as many attempts at these items as we can, as we usually do, being that's pretty much what we enjoy doing.

I'm putting the digital busking hat out, stick a buck in it and see what else we can get up to.

So here's some of the stuff we're up to


The Salon project was the idea of doing something similar to Kansas City Gold, except with the awesome talent we have right here in our community.

As you can see from the first session with Christina & Den, this might produce some good work.


Nope. Not telling until I get the pilot done. Just gimme money and trust me. TRUUUUUUUST ME. Become a Patron!


Yeah. Paperwork and planning. And Stuff. Gofund me. See my theme for this post? CASH BROTHER. GOFUNDME TO MEMPHIS


Multiple themes leading to a few different tests. 

So yeah. BUY A PREVIOUS ALBUM...or a new single!

No gigs for Sept, then a bunch and we're trying to add as many as we can in order to make up for the Aussie getting pounded in the trade wars. Expect to see us on your street with a thumb out.

Heck we're not proud. Our fundraising efforts for Memphis 2020 principally consist of the idea of musical Chugging. 

Accosting the everyman in the street and using music to extract cash. 


So if you see us down on the corner, out in the street, you know what to do.

memphis-or-busk (site).jpg

Might run some fundraiser at some point too. Hmmm.

Meanwhile I got stuff to do! Can't st around here nattering all day, it's Hustle Time! We Gotta Get To Graceland (or nearby)