If a tree falls in the forest, or a band I dig comes to town and I have no idea, does it make a sound?

No it bloody doesn't

If you're Fleetwood Mac, and you got the benefits of history, hits and press, how the heck do I not hear about it.

What, do I live in a Milk Carton?

Now I have noticed that the Sydney Morning Herald is now the size of the Beano or the Comics Section from the 1980 Sun Herald.

 Alas, thanks to paywalls, I not longer read the grey lady. But I am in constant contact with humans who still read the last of the Murdochian Mastheads.

And yet, band I dig, mainstream, still a big business, comes to town aaaand...

I hear it was a great show.

That's it. It's official.

Old school media no longer has the reach to get me. Or the band didn't feel the need to advertise.

It's definitely the End Times bub, I for one welcome our new digital overloads.


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