Right so where were we?

Ah yes.

Welcome to the magic of getting the band ready to tour overseas.



Also, we're recording this week.

Yeah back at it.

Coordinating things can take some luck.

Ah yeah. A fundraiser for tour 5.


About that.


Stormcellar Digital Offerings:

As none of us know how Music will work or be funded in the 21st century, it's time for us to do some trial and error.

We want to do stuff.

If you're here, reading this, it may suit you for us to keep doing stuff.

We're working on 2 projects for the year and as per usual, we'll be posting video and the making of.

That's the sort of stuff bands are now putting behind paywalls.

I dunno.


We 're already on itunes/amazon/you name it.

But that's not quite the answer.

So we're gonna try some different things.

Most, will probably, not work.

Whatever does, is the new thing.

So. First new attempt.


ATTEMPT #1 - Direct appeal, Paypal - GIVE US MONEY!


No t-shirt, no tiers, no special subscriber offers.

No middle men and no additional fees.

You give us money, we'll do stuff.


send-us-to-memphis-2 (site).jpg



No strings, no muss, no fuss, just give us cash.

We take all kinds.

Expect an ongoing series of random offers on the site as we look for the New Digital Way of Stuff!

Meanwhile, I gotta go chase musicians.







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