Yeah it's bonkers out there.

You know we're making an effort to give you something else, an alternative to all the drama.

We have some pretty strong opinions on what's going on right now, yelling about it won't help. There's enough fury.


We felt it when we were in the US last. 

But something else is coming, something better.

The reckoning we've had to have for a while, with our own natures.

The most useful thing I can think to say is to remind you that you are still personally powerful, still an agent for change in your own life and the lives of others.

The best we can hope to offer you is comfort, support and a place to regather your strength for the struggles that must surely come, to regain our group equilibrium, to become influenced once more by the better angels of our natures.

The mills of justice grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

Stay with it, hold on, to whatever source of renewal and comfort you can find, until once again we regain our goddamn collective sanity.

Until then, when you need it, take shelter in the things that restore your soul.

It's a good time for the 5D project.


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