We're at it again.

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Michael Hawke played some great stuff on an extended version of 'one in a million' 

It was so good we wondered we we didn't do it on the album.

Being 2019, the project was still on Ben's drive.

Nothing to stop us having a crack at it.

So we did.

Now i'm listening to it.

It's either brilliant or completely daft.

I kinda like it so therefore it might be daftly brilliant, or brilliantly daft.

Bill wrote one in a million and I liked it so much that I didn't want to add vocals to it, cos why spoil it right?

Bill was happy when we added vocals (an entirely suspect option as far as I am concerned). He said it completes it. I think my ending was weak. Meh.

Y'see the first verse contains one of my favourite lines so far.

'three hands worth of trouble, only two hands spare, and baggage in the hall'. 

V2 is fine. V3 end vocal melody always felt a little weak. If I had thought of better at the time, I woulda done it.

Yes it's subjective of course. but hey, this is my job, right? 

Adding this sax phrase pivots the song. 

Given the ease with which we can release a digital single, we can put it out and see what you think.

Perhaps the fairest thing is that I think there's more in the song than we have extracted so far.

Hats off to Mr Hawke, great sound.

This song is going to get a solid going over in remixing. Mutate early and often says I.

I got some vid but it was only fragments so it'll wait.


Two new tunes are in active processing, with Crossfire awaiting a key that suits the two singers and Z-Dimention is recording some guide arrangements for a Dancehall/Blues experiment.

Yeah we've been busy behind the scenes.

Planning for the US 2020 has started, plus we have the LOPE project coming up and new songs.


Ahhh....good times..


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