About dang time. 

Experiments yielded two active tracks. 

its-alive (site).jpg

Plus the work with Michael Hawke coming up.


Settle back, as these move into testing and rehearsal, video will flow once more!

Oh and a shout out to a very bemused Duncan. We battled technology today on the air, then proceeded to have a completely off the wall (for him) normal (for us) conversation, from which he is still recovering.

Get well soon Duncan!

Plus another shout out to Pete L, getting as well as he can and to Bodhi for use of his story in a song.


(yes I know all the nutty stuff that's going on in the world, we're not ignoring it. there's enough folks out there crying that the sky is falling...which it might be...right? ahem anyway.... we figure the best we can do is give you a break. Hey, what else are stormcellars for, right? right?)


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