Ok it's ranty rant time.

Once I have installed the license robot to keep me under surveillance, which uses passwords, so I can use your software, why are you making me log in to your software?

That's right Pro tools First, I'm talking to you. 

Big ups to Innovative Music for helping me sort some software stuff

It took me a clear 3 hours to trial, reject, retry, log into, create account, recover account, before I found some basic method for recording multi track stuff.

Why would I be doing that, you may ask.

Guide tracks.It's guide track time.

 IMG_7663 (site).jpeg

Picture unrelated. My fascination with Cranes in Sydney continues.


After what seems like a bunch of Oops/Nopes and ARGHS, we're on track for the next projects.

Enough for me to be able to talk about them and start looking for input.

Sort of.

As soon as we fix a date for the first one.

Maybe. Unless I get shy about it, as per usual.



I'll just post working product when we get to it

IMG_7673 (site).jpeg

Guide tracks. Good to be back at it.

Oh here's a pic from Jude's farewell at the Bridge.a good turn out

IMG_7599 (site).jpeg

and of course, some recent inspiration seeking bushwalking with Friend Of the Band, Sam

IMG_7632 (site).jpeg


IMG_7635 (site).jpeg

IMG_7636 (site).jpeg

IMG_7653 (site).jpeg

IMG_7659 (site).jpeg

I got some video, we'll see how it turns out. 

Oh yeah, and Dion has started editing the first video for the Live video project.

You see what I mean? after a lull, things are back in action.

So no matter what's going on out there, it's Business As Usual in the 'Cellar.

With luck some new video soon, plus some new things you might be interested in joining/doing.

Dum da dee...back to work.

Also happy 4th to our US cousins :-)


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