Yeah. That's the case.

Almost recorded a guide track today. Came close, but other work over took us.


We're doing the fun bit right now. Listening to tracks from other people, old stuff, cool fragments of things.

We're talking about Sounds, what we've done, what we'd like, wouldn't it be good to have a number that goes like this, how about this drum track.

For the keen Cellar Dweller, all these are signs of imminent work.

For example.

'Crossfire' is a new song we wrote for CC and DH to do. We're ready for 2nd stage guide track which means drums.

I need a clean version so I put it on repeat and listen to it while I fix my current 2nd verse which is not good. Well. Non existent. Sort of.

These are the hallmarks of work. A little sanding, a little angle grinding, a little painting.



There's no rush, merely the scheduling necessary to have the maximum available fun.