We all got sick of trading germs so everyone's been in isolation.

Because our community live in different parts of the city and state and some have kids, it's been a wonderful swap meet for minor sniffles.

(sniff). Humans. We need level 14 decontamination.


As the season passes and the marsupials emerge into a bright, cold winter, and Sydney receives some blessed rain, signs of life have emerged from the cellar fellers.

After some reasonable research and planning, it's time to get on with a few of the pending projects. 

The hard part is working out what to do. the rest is merely logistics and weather :-)

SBS 40th B'Day this weekend. Set planning beckons.

Jo's with us (yay). 

Three months worth of trial and error have yielded the few things to have a go at during this next quarter, looks to be a productive winter.

You'll see more making-of stuff as soon as we start making stuff. Otherwise I'd be posting spreadsheets and google results ;-)