Back from another of our Markets project days. Tip of the hat to Pete T for hard work.

Nice pic Elsa.

Much to be grateful for.

IMG_7593 (site).jpeg

Still enjoying the new PA thing.

Rosie has a solid fan base with a bright future.

IMG_7598 (site).jpeg

and we played Onward Traveller for Jude today.

We knew it was coming for a while. 

When I'd cadge a ride back home from an inner city gig with Theo, he'd often drop Jude off back home on the way through.

Next friday night I think we're gathering with a bunch of Jude's muso mates to remember her in song.

We remembered her today, and we'll remember her further. 

Thanks for your companionship along the way Jude, you'll be missed.

Our best wishes are with her friends and family.


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