Yikes. Reading the news.


Is it something in the water?

Crazy world events will continue for the foreseeable future.

Doesn't stop me from being grateful for a few things, and mentioning them.

Full marks to the gentlemen of the crew for recent rehearsal effort. 

11 years of cooperation between any group of humans is to be acknowledged.


Also, the gentlemen of the crew extend their felicitations to Brothers Gideon and Pete T. for efforts made in pursuit of timing.

It ain't no joke, sometimes this stuff is plain good old fashioned hard work.

Nick T. pointed out we haven't recorded anything for months! Months!

Good point well made Nick.

Let's get about it.

New arrangements, plenty of songs from the last two albums that aren't in the set, yet, and more fun stuff on the horizon.

When you need a break from the chaos out there, stop by and see what we're up to.


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