A good Friday at the Townie.

The setlist work paid off, well done Rosie.  We matched the vibe of the songs to the variables of the night.

I am one of the variables. Heh.

Spotted this beast at the servo on my way out :-)

IMG_7522 (site).jpeg

And at the Mixing desk...

IMG_7525 (site).jpeg

The Townie remains a bastion of Original Music and thanks to Sal, we get to work with some of the most innovative artists in Sydney. 

Fair praise to the Cellar Fellers as well. About 6 years ago we began an effort to open up another slot whenever we played.

I think we take it for granted now, but it was a conscious choice. We traded some $ and the band drink rider for it :-) A very good deal indeed, as we have played with some cracker talent.

Community starts with you. If you add a support or a slot at each gig you play, you double the gigs available in town. You give bands a chance to come up.

Just like the slot we got with the mighty Radiators back in the day ;-) (OMG I get to say back in the day now. WOOT. 11 YEARS WOOT.)

If you're out there doing gigs, keep it in mind. Adding a slot for someone else can really add a lot to you, the vibe and your musical community.

Sal has a keen eye for talent. I got a few minutes of Sam Joole's set, both Mr Wizard and I were getting into some of his grooves.

We influence each other. It's completely appropriate.

Busy week coming up.

Our live video project is now called the 'be who you are' project, which is a good sign - in the sense that once something gets a project name 'round here, it tends to take on a life of it's own.

I had a 4K h264/ Da Vinci issue (10 points if that makes sense) but thanks to Dion sticking his dongle in my box, it all worked out. That's way cleaner than it sounds.

Anyway, editing starts this week in earnest. It will likely take the rest of the year to arrange further shoots. I'm planning on putting the vids up on 'unlisted' as we keep getting them, then eventually we'll edit it into a release version.

Bits will be up here and in the newsletter.

2 shows this week, plus other items.