ANZAC day.

May I suggest steering clear of overly nostalgic war shows on Cable, extolling the concept of Australian-ness through death and suffering.

Those that have done it would opt for peace, where possible. 

I'm reminded of Owen -


' My friend, you would not tell with such high zest

To children ardent for some desperate glory,

The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est

Pro patria mori.'
I'll be lighting a candle for Dad.
Small Movements
God bless Rosie for Data Thoroughness. Setlist time. It's a process.
We have data sets. Spreadsheets. Song cards.
It's nerd-a-riffic.
And as we have observed, utterly despatched into chaos by the events of any given evening.
Not Waldorf Salad Without Walnuts
As the mutations have abounded, in order to do all of our songs, as recorded, we now need:
- Fiddle
- Accordion
- Banjo
- Cello
- A small violin section
- Additional acoustic guitar
- A small choir
- Additional Percussion
- Saxophone
- Trumpet
- A Tuba Section
- Piano
- Additional Mandolin
- A Mongolian throat singer
- Duet vocals.
- Backing vocals.
- not to mention all our guest lead vocalists
I look forward to the show where all of that is present :-)
The logistics alone are staggering. The scheduling, impossible.
I love it.
We called the idea 'the show we want to do' which is, if we had our druthers, what we'd do.
Step by step, we're working towards something in the ballpark. Having Michael Hawke and Jo there was just what the doctor ordered.
Now, how do we do more of that? Hmmm...
The Cross Fire Project  - Stormcellar & Friends
When we did KC Gold, we wrote songs for Millage, Danny, DC and Ron. 
To get Jo out front more, we've been writing for her....well...trying to ;-)
In a way, writing for other folks gives us more options.
After six fallow months, we finally got a new one out, written to suit two of our talented mates.
Now all I gotta do is get a demo together and see if they're up for it.
From there, it's given us the idea to do a little more of this sort of thing.
With luck you may start to see some of the development from this process.
The Songs Leave The Nest
I was stoked to learn that someone down south was covering one of our songs
I still reckon the best version of a song may not be by them's what wrote it :-).