On the one hand, video cameras are smaller and accessible and you can send the files to one another over the magic airwaves.

On the other hand, the cameras are now 4K resolution and the data so big that we're back to handing each other physical media.

Unless the macintosh won't speak to the external hard drive.

Or the jerry-rigged memory stick.

Thus requiring a trip to office works for a brand spanking new USB stick.

This is the glamorous world of video making.


After attempt #1 went um...the way it did...attempt 2 is now at file swapping stage.

This is taking so looong omg.

Working on it.

Meanwhile, new projects are forming.

I have the greatest love for my colleagues in the muso world. Just a small couple of minor notes.

1. answer your phone/email

2. no I am not going to wait for Muso Time to get on with stuff LOL. 



Tonight we're running another test on the array PA.

I'm already in the Yes camp for the array PA, but another usage test will not hurt.

Work continues.


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