Thanks to Denys & Svetlana.

Shout outs to Sue, Paul, Lindsay, Richard, Sam, JT and his missus, Dr Rock, Di and all the cellar dwellers who joined us.

With Michael Hawke and Jo there, we did a 3 part version of Helplessly Hoping ahhh....so nice.

It's going to take a few goes to get this right. 

Also a big thanks to Pete at Rentacam. You crazy man.

This show marked another step towards the Show We'd Like To Do, a project where we put together all the guests we like to work with and do the songs that only really sparkle when we add that extra element.

Having additional acoustic, Mando and Sax made things pop. Having the extra vocals was also nice.

I continue to be amazed that I get to do this, and when the sound comes together, it's quite wonderful. 

We continue to mutate. Excellent.

As the live video moves through editing, I'll post some bits.