Friday was a rough day. Mr Wizard and I were making our first attempts at the next batch of writing.

After a few fallow months, it takes a bit to get the writing muscle working again. 

We recorded guide tracks, argued about chords and structure, as things should be.

Later that afternoon, when Oskar went onwards, Mr Wizard helped me do what needed to be done.

A rough day indeed.

It is good to be moving again. 

There are multiple musical projects on the board and no rush. 

When I think about writing at this time in history, it makes me stop to think a little longer.

So much is going on that heralds the proper commencement of the 21st Century.

Music has changed with the world, with tech. We've been fortunate to be out in the Zone, where the change is happening.

It affects what we do, what we write. This last decade has been a journey following the old pilgrimage trails. Now, it's where to from here. What's truly useful? What work can we do that will have utility?

Re-doing the 20th century's tales over and over seems like willful ignorance of what's going on around us.

A mate said to me the other day 'don't be too political, be switzerland, you're not a folk band!'

I dunno. Brother Bill thought we were and I agree. 

Yet, I have the wiser words of the masters in my ear.

'The master, being wise in all things, said nothing'

Over 2017-2018 we made an effort to provide an alternative to the constant media drumbeat of doom. The 5D project was particularly introspective, Safe Harbour/Rogue State very locally focused.

A time out.

Mr Wizard said, as we worked the other day 'it's about the phrase' and by that I take him to mean the 'useful words'.

In this moment, where we are as a Humanity, what useful things can we add?

It's been on my mind a lot, fostered by the memory of Rick Lyons and his teaching.

It's good that it's hard to find the right things. It's good to take the thought-time. There's a relationship between inspiration and perspiration, we'll keep working on it.

Meanwhile, I miss my dang dog.