For the last 6 weeks I have been working on 'Special Projects' - nothing earthshaking, the normal things we have to do, as a band, every now and again.

You may have noticed my blogging has been slow, I'm in a positive frame of mind and if I was to list the long string of curse words I have uttered recently, you may be forgiven for thinking me more peeved than I actually am.

The Music Industry is...well it's not quite the wild west anymore, sometimes it requires...'full and frank' discussion.



We've been working on some live video stuff and it's taking way longer than expected. See there I go.

If I list everything that's running behind schedule it will sound like complaint. Which it isn't.

Each thing has its own orbit, its own trajectory, its own tide.

Coordinating multiple humans and actions is the choreography of work. It's like trying to make connecting flights, or catch a bus AND a ferry.

You miss da boat, you wait for the next one. Oh wait, here comes one now. gotta go.



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