Circumstances have led to us having some quiet time, what a relief.

In the background, we've been doing Things.

As Rosie says, we Do the Things


I've tried a bunch of things recently. Usual combination of stop-start-retry-nope-oops-and-LOL.

The video for Low Low didn't fly and it occurred to me that it might be time to go back to some classic video styles.

Making narrative video takes longer and needs planning and luck. 

Oh I almost forgot. I was bitching about it to Friend Of The Band 'Roscoe' and he decided to make a video for our 'hippiest' song. Given that his predilections run towards 'Apocalypse Now', this stands to be an...interesting....treatment of 'road rise up'

With luck, I'll catch a tide or two this week and we'll start to see work moving again.


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