Well there ya go. So I have yet to finish the bits for 'minor' miracle. And the video is almost done.

Mr Wizard suggested that the video then influences the song. That's not a bad idea, come to think of it.

Rosie calls the Sydney Identity Project a 'postcard from Sydney.'

I think it might be more of a love letter.

As we begin to understand the new way of things, signposts emerge.

By calling each of the idea's a 'project', it gives us a chance to find what we find.

Doing video takes its own time, it has its own cycles. Between the two, as rightly put by Mr Wizard, finishing this lot may take a little while.

That suits me just fine. I've been watching the footage we got. I like it. I'm listening to the songs...in some instances it means over and over. In the case of Minor Miracle, there are no words yet, and I'm the Assigned Resource for coming up with the words. I've been humming along, discarding ideas and changing color grades. This is simply fascinating. What a process.

For the next little while, we'll be trying stuff out. Bits of finished stuff will turn out here and there as we make it, and then as we get it all assembled, we'll put it into a collected form.

Everyone's involved in making it. Rosie's taking pics, Mr Wizard is coming up with ideas. Brother Bill wants to try some Video, E. is telling me how to edit. 

Is the next stage playlists? A single file? DVD?

Umm..yes. A DVD for 5D with the mastered files, becomes Safe Harbour. The Sydney Identity Project, whatever we get, becomes Rogue State.

Oh yeah I got an album cover for Rogue State. Rosie's pic.

Y'know we're as busy as a Sydney Property Developer.

rogue-state-title-7 (Custom).jpg