Our godfather JF emailed today to talk about the loss of the Basement as a venue, and about few other venues that are going extinct.

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 Here in the stormcellar we delve deeply into socio-economics, evolutionary psychology, a spot of gardening and sandwich making.


Music isn't going away.

How we access it, the role it plays in our lives, the technology involved, all these things will lead to a realignment of what it means to make music. To exist in interaction with it.

Such is the nature of all systems. Hi Lava Lamp.


Can't drink and drive. Tight money environment. Double Demerits. Parking. Alternative media and leissure options. 

No single media pool, no way to spend enough advertising money to reach every microuniverse and no simple, common, Hydraulic Empire style media/awareness eco system.

The 20th Century has finally relinquished its hold, for good or ill. The Old Ways are passing.

We've watched as the local Music Media and Venues have thinned out. Recently, one major press outlet did a big push to say how great everything is right now. We agree.

The last hurrah for the old ways as they go less than gracefully, into that good night.

There's a term; Extinction Burst.

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Welcome to state change, the post apocalyptic landscape where only the mutants survive.

There's a thriving music community, existing in its own little universes. Scampering amongt the undergrowth, evolving into the next form.

The Pub, the Club, Drinking, Music, going out - these were all important aspects of Australian Culture in the last part of the 20th Century.

It's simple and inevitable that people who want to see music, to be part of the process, will support it in some way.

There are myriad ways evolving, failing, iterating, failing, rinse, repeat, stir in 2 cloves of garlic and bake for an hour.

Because we're part of the system, we rely on our Organic Assumption advanced modelling Supercomputer and we're running the numbers now.

Apparently it will be ready in 6 million years or so.


Meanwhile, we'll keep making stuff until we can figure out what exactly is going on.