Towards the years end, we  do a 'State of the Union' report, where we look at what we've done, what we hope to do, what we could do into the coming year.

If you happened by the Stormcellar on such a day as we gather to plot our course, take soundings or coil rope, you'd see us....coiling rope and washing the dishes.

sailbench-288x12w (Custom).jpg

As we look to the horizon, check the barometer and tickle the dolphins seeking secret detail on the future, there's always..


Also Tech.

Brother Bill has been working towards his new idea of multi tracking even the demo pieces, to give us more time to play with the songs outside the studio.  

26734440_1536127439837660_4901040527802460003_n (Custom).jpg

There's never been a better time to be a self propelled artist. If you like making stuff, the tech and the tools are converging. They're getting cheaper, doing more stuff.

SO MANY BUTTONS! What this adjusted demo process will mean for the next project is yet to be determined. I spent some time just turning knobs and banging the drum bits. After a few experiments Mr Wizard quoted Spinal Tap 'I hope you like our new direction' LOL.

Experiments continue.