Never letting a good marketing opportunity slip, I haven't made mention of the fact that our first gig out in the wild, was around this time, 10 years ago. 

We'd already finished Whiskey Talking by December 2007 and done our first gig as Stormcellar at the Sydney Blues Society BPOY comp.

Yep 18 Jan 2008 we did our first 'normal gig', supporting the Sydney Blues All Stars with Jim Finn, Al Briton, Robert Suess it was 10 years ago, right?

When I can figure out how to spin that to our advantage I'll let you know.

I can't get all nostalgic, we got stuff to do.

Mr Wizard and Vito have put together a Custom Amp

It does stuff. Things that will impress guitarists. He might post about it. Apparently its very good.

IMG_6262 (Custom).JPG

Up the coast the wind was blowing today. the waves. Ahhhh....

IMG_6271 (Custom).JPG

Cheers to Rob & Brad on sound and the guys from Halfway Homebuoy. 

HH came on so strong we abandoned all ideas of Strong Stuff and went for the gentle.

Big ups to Rosie for rescuing me today when I wasn't up for driving.

I love the drives.

IMG_6268 (Custom).JPG


IMG_6286 (Custom).JPG


IMG_6275 (Custom).JPG

IMG_6280 (Custom).JPG

IMG_6302 (Custom).JPG

The guys worked hard today, we had a long and strong show last night so it was a doubling down to get up early get on the road and get it right.

Here's a moment of Rosie from last night 

 Full cred to Sal for extra awesome lighting and sound. A very strong night indeed.

I'm too buggered to blog much more, but there is a story I got told today.

Johnny told me this story.

Some time back,  Johnny picked up 'X' who wanted to be taken to a show and Johnny diverted to 'X' to our show.

'X' said nice things about the band.

We think 'X' is awesome. If someone we think is awesome said nice things about our show, we're a little buzzed about it.

However as it's apocryphal and in no wayin heck amd i goign to seek clarification, I'm going to chalk this one up as 'you don't say' and bask in the warm fuzzy glow of maybes.

Thank you x. Loved that song you did.

Thank you to every one who came out and joined us this weekend.