We spent a few hours in the studio on Monday, keeping the work moving.

'Sail away' & 'Brave with your heart' are still in construction and Theo & yours truly had a desire to hear some additional percussion.

26239686_1525564744227263_7207410905464800778_n (Custom).jpg

I dunno. 

Unlike most of our work which is built from the drums up, the songs on 5D were built from the Guitars out. That means that the timing is a little slippery.

Adding a more formal structure to it may or may not work. We will see in mixing.

'Pirouette' has already made it out as a single. In discussing it with J. the other day I recalled the observation that we'd mixed it to the point where adding any more, or taking anything away, did not improve it. Therefore, even if not 'perfect' in some speculative or imaginary sense, it's 'as good as we're going to do today' and that's ok too.

The thought of stuffing around endlessly for perfection irks me, I'm uncertain that you (me? I? Us?) can ever get a sense of absolute perfection. I read once that a poem is never finished, merely abandoned.

That leaves 'Soul thing' in need of a solo and some main vocals. 'lay your loving' is in need of redo on the vox.

After that? New stuff.

So yesterday Mr Wizard got Theo to lay down some drum patterns to use as loops.

Brother Bill is slightly alarmed at the idea of Mr Wizard working on House Beats and EDM.

It's almost like we're looking for rules to break. Naughty Mr Wizard.

I for one welcome the chaos. As they say, Ph'nglui mglw'nafh DJ-Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!


We started talking about remix ideas and I asked Ben if he knew anyone who might want to have a shot at remixing one of our songs.

I was a big fan of The Cure's 'Mixed Up' project.


Might be blasphemy, but I kind of liked the remixes better than some of the originals.

It's not like mixing EDM and Blues/Roots/Soul/Folk is a new idea.

Moby comes to mind. The soundtrack to the Generals Daughter contained old Blues and Gospel samples taken from the Library of Congress.

Why not? 

Let the experiment commence! 

My first attempt is to put 'Sail Away' up as a Mixing Comp. I've submitted it to an online mixing comp site, put in a small prize and when I get all the details right I'll post it here in case you feel like getting your Doof on.


DOOF DOOF DOOF (woke up this morning) DOOF DOOF DOOF (thought I'd dust my broom) DOOF THUMPA THUMPA WAAAAA.


Yeah. Could be awesome.

Might be completely 

2017_home_alone_2 (Custom) (Custom).jpg

or...it might be...epic.

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Maybe we should give it a name.

Dubcellar. Stormtrance. RDM (Roots Dance Music)

Cellarhouse. House Cellar.


Just wait until we go metal. that'll be a trip.

Stand by. the weird flows well in 2018.