Sample component from the Artwork inside Nuevo Retro - I've gone 3D Mad!! MADDDDD!!!

Ok whose idea was it to get all fancy-shmancy with the CD booklet artwork? HMM?? Oh. Mine, Right.

Ay-yi-yi - This took a while. To create a booklet that captured the ideas that went into Nuevo Retro involved CB Modeler Pro, 3DXML viewer, Photoshop and a bunch of hacking and tweaking. 

The art on Whiskey Talkin' was reasonably simple. Spacejunk got a little more adventurous.

I went plain bug&*@ crazy on this one.

I know that buying a CD is pretty anachronistic (Olde Fashioned) and as Paul says, buying a CD and getting two flimsy bits of paper makes him mad.

SO if you're going to go to the trouble of buying the physical copy,  we figured we'd make it worth your while with:

This is a sample of the back page of the booklet, its NOT the final one (buy it and compare! Heh!).

We took a look at the random thoughts and influences of the songs on the album and drew them up as 3D graphics.

Some influences were musical, some were just 'stuff' (bits of pop culture, ideas, phrases, you name it).

This took a long @%^# time. ARGH!

But it looks right, feels right and will give you hours of fun working out what the heck we are going on about.

With the final proofs now underway, we are just kicking back and waiting for the pressing of Nuevo Retro to be completed!

Big thanks to Mark and Warren and our proof reading team for helping me put my apostrophes in the right place.


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