The Blue and the Red, two sets of notes on what we should be fixing in the FINAL MIX!! Muahahaha (cough, choke, splutter)

Ye Gods. Once more to the Wheel Of Pain and fixing the final mixes. Last week we sorted out the Weird Roland issue and this week it was time to grab your notes and return to the mix and fix. Pauls notes were in Blue, mine in red. I had more notes.

We also had the feedback and comments from the Ear Brigades (cheers guys and gals), plus a review from various speaker setups.

After some discussion about stereo imaging, panning and equilateral triangles, we got through Cant Tax Love, Smiles Not For Me and Hi Cost of loving. Great. Thats 3 songs down, 9 to go. Or 8. it depends. (don't ask)

Of course, once they're done there's still the mastering and testing of the master.....

This is where I start to run screaming into the distance.



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