Hi there. Happy Australia Day.

Whilst cricket played and bbq's burned, the brains behind our last two videoclips,  the Stormcellar Multimedia Ninja Crew (AKA my mates) spent the day thrashing out How To make El Cheapo Videoclips for Nuevo Retro.

Andris kindly donated Elwood for the Little Big Bird Clip, the helmet is from the test stuff for the Last Drinks at Glenrowan Clip and there is more DIY afoot. Puppets and Helmets? The mind boggles.

We cant afford hot chicks, boats(classic rap-parody, slightly NSFW), bling, effects, cast, crew...the list goes on,  but we have Foam Helmets, Puppets, Roadsigns, Fake Plastic Tails and other interesting props. This may prove highly amusing (for others).
I have been amazed by the kindness and helpfulness of web citizens, who have volunteered helpful information and insight when we have I have asked Silly Questions; and with many silly ideas, we have many, many silly questions.

But our track record in No Budget is pretty good.

Our first clip (for Yamanote line) was only possible because Youtube existed (thankyou .flv getter). Flying to japan to take footage was out of budget range. For those of you who haven't watched it recently, here it is again.

This was three weeks of going through youtube and a few days editing, but it wound up looking like we'd shot the stuff for the purpose. Random WIN!

Cheers to Charlie C, Claudia, Pete and the other folks who have been answering questions about various ideas and the big D. for the shot list, storyboard and scene breakdown today.



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