Roland? Roland are you there? Michael Lynch and Jim search for the Elusive Square Wav Issue! on for more on the final mixing of Nuevo Retro. I think pony tails are back baby, yeah!
Howdy folks, the relentless juggernaut that is our 3rd release (2nd studio album)  grinds onwards.

After collating our feedback and reviews for the mix, we were just about to settle in for the final tweak when Blam! (actually, it was more like 'click)' we discovered the Mythical Square Wav Form in the output file...oooo....spooky...square! SQUAAAAREE!!!

Ok, not actually spooky, just an idiosyncrasy of the VS2400 (the roland unit we have been recording onto).

It took much head scratching and googling and Manual Reading ( was NOT in the manual) and the devoted efforts of Jim and our masterer Michael (ALL HAIL!) to figure out it was a quick tweak on the attenuation setting and BLAMMO! (ok, again, not 'actually' Blammo. I am just trying to keep this exciting), we were sorted.
WOOHOO!! That means we're in the final, final, almost there (ye gods), close, near, not far to go, could be soon....(sigh)...phase of completing Nuevo Retro. (applause!)

IF...ok...let me try that again...IF (get it, big 'if'? lol) it all goes smoothly from this point (yeah, right) we'll be in the mastering studio inside a fortnight and then onwards to Pressing!

 A wild tribe of pony tail wearing sound engineers! Jim and Michael bending the Roland desk to their steely will!