Its been two weeks since we picked up the initial mix and we've been reviewing and cogitating and taking in feedback from the Ears.

Thanks to MC, RW, GW, GC, VM for your feedback so far. For them other ears what still has yet to submit their cards, better get cracking kids, its almost studio time!

So far we have had an assortment of feedback on what order to place the songs in, and thats an interesting discussion in and of itself.
How people use and play music has been changing over the decades and that makes you stop to think about how that affects the layout of an album. Or if there really are 'albums' anymore.

One of our Ears has provided the feedback that 'doesnt matter what order on the album (CD?), i'll select my fave track and put it on my playlist'

Other thoughts (and feedback) have been to structure the album so it flows (my preference) so that if you get in the car on a roadtrip (I'm biased huh?) you hit play and let it unfold. Beginning, middle, end. That sort of thing.

Other folks say 'stick all the good stuff up front' but that's kind of hard. How do we know what the good stuff is when it's all down to the personal tastes of the listener?

FYI the songs on Nuevo Retro (so far) are (in alphabetical order)

Cant tax love
Dont Get Around Much
Drink you off my mind
Hi Cost of Lovin'
Island Time
Last Drinks at Glenrowan
Little Big Bird
Roscoes Boogie
Seven Days
Swamp Monster (studio version)
That  smile's not for me
When You Change your mind

If you were to ask each band member for a personal fave, you'd get different answers for each band member :-)

For readers who have been to our gigs and hence heard the songs, please comment - we could use the help. For them what hasn't, you can hear Swamp Monster (the live version) on our myspace page (until I get the MP3 player running here properly) and for the rest....well..err...come to a gig! 

Anyway, there is more tweaking to be done on the mix before it goes to mastering and you'll read about it here, first (where else?)




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