Howdy folks.

We spent two days this week moving Nuevo Retro towards the finish line, with a mix of seven days and then guitar tweaking on Swamp Monster (Nuevo Retro version).

It was a bit of a close run thing with swamp. Pauls criteria were that it sound better than the Spacejunk version. Fair enough.
A sunburned progress chart!

Swamp Monster just wasn't sitting right. We had to replace the drumming on that (and everything else) due to timing issues and it left the vocals crowding the chorus and the bass was out of whack with the drums and guitar. Once again, thanks to the illustrious Jim Finn, we were able to identify and fix the problems. 

The far right column of the pic shows the mix stage and the blank column beside it is for mastering confirmation, thats how close we are.

Right now we're waiting on a tweak of Little Big Bird and then its into the reviewing process and then re-tweak and then master, then review, then tweak the master, then...then....OMG we're almost done.

Did we say 'October' release? (sigh)

We have our last gig in the CBD this year on Saturday night, come on down to the Landsdowne on Broadway for a little pre christmas boogie!



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