For SC2 (the second Album) we've been working on internal and cover art for the CD. Looks like the cover has been settled upon, as well as the name, so its time for the Obligatory Artsy Shmartsy stuff.

We started with the idea of looking at the influences in the songs on SC2 and their link back to the blues and graphically representing it. So, hauling out the trusty excel I tried some bubble maps and thought 'gee, they look pretty crap' so I googled whats hot in Data Visualisation and whoah...there's some awesome ways of looking at information...

If you check the link you'll see some new ways of interpreting songs as images.Don't expect our art to approach the hieghts these folks have got to but the ideas are awesome.Link for article below , courtesy of Smashing Magazine.


----------------------------- (Custom)(150).png