Why cant johnny sing? Because there's Bobcat Loading A Truck outside the studio, that why!

Sc2 Session #16 was meant to be drums, but as Mark was under the weather, it became Vocals, except for...
...Heavy Machinery...which kind of put a dampener on things..

Mind you, there's always time to pick up whatever book Jim is reading at the moment.

Ok so Jim is pretty Avant Garde...Suffice to say, after quite some time waiting for the chaps across the street to finish we had enough time for a quick vocal track (redoing High Cost of Loving?). We're now moving towards the last recording sessions and are scheduled to start mixing SC2 in may.

Now at this point I would usually blather on but frankly I have several more posts to go (we've been busy) so I am going to keep this one brief.

More Sc2 recording this coming week.




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