Paul's late, for a very important date! Read on for pics, vids and general silliness from the current recording sessions for SC2!

SC2 Session 13

Paul picked a Sunday to put down the first pass on Last Drinks At Glenrowan. After spotting Matt's Dobro (or Dobro-like) guitar, Matt very kindly allowed us the use of the instrument for the afternoon (cheers Matt).

Paul found that the strings at the bridge hadnt settled into their grooves so he spent a few moments retuning, fiddling and getting it ready to go.

 Matts...Matt, what the hell is this thing called? ...Ok. Matts Guitar-like-possibly-a-dobro. 

Well this is what it looks like.

Because Paul was kind enough not to kick my butt out of the Front Room while he started putting it down, here's his first take, go to whoah:

Paul laying down take one of the guitar track for Last Drinks At Glenrowan.

Sounds beaut, eh?

Anyway, it took a few goes for this to get done - I am not posting the footage of a cranky Jim and Paul, although, they did work very professionally and actually got a result. Paul had a prior engagement that night so he was under time pressure. Jim gave up his Sunday. You got to understand the committment. Neither rest, nor football, nor the prospect of nookie shall stop the progress of the recording sessions. Like a juggernaut, it rolls relentlessly forward, crushing weekends in its path. ARR!!!


Anyway, the next day, we had a date with: THE ERASER or maybe the Finisher. Paul suggests 'the terminator.'

The man in question prefers the Designation 'Slinky'. 

SC2 Session 14

After the transition of our Bass Player Mal Forester to 'emeritus' status, we needed to replace the Bass sections, and who better to commence proceedings than Mr Piotr Solinski, otherwise known as Slinky Pete!

Slinky toured with us down to Melbourne last year and is a man in demand - he's playing with three bands, doing studio sessions, planning a european tour, slinky has become a one man whirlwind of Bass.

Of course, Paul makes fun of him for his HEADLESS BASS...

Slinky has been on a mythical quest to exorcise the Rock Beast from his playing and unleash the Blues Demon. According to the multiple compliments I have heard from other Bass players, he's well on the path.

Slinkinowiczha Piotrevic putting down Bass on Swamp monster (SC2 version)

Other than turning up to make a nuisance of myself with a phone cam, allow me to introduce you to the important creative role I play in the these recording sessions.

Harmonica Players Duties may include!

Awesome huh? Here it is again at full speed Video

In all seriousness, monitoring the caffeine intake of working musicians is a highly technical and skilled job. Part barista, part DNA modelling, part 'would anyone like a cup of coffee?'.

Thats it for the recording sessions this week, we're scheduled back at the studio next week for yet more, and we're trying to push the completion schedule forward so this thing doesnt take all year to get out.

You'll know here first!

Until next time



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