Paul and sweet!

We were fortunate to have the vocal talents of Susie Hobday as a special guest for the backing on
7 days at our last recording session. Jim got shivers down his spine (ask him!). Susie sure can sing.
I was embarassed to have to sing during the same session (sigh). Oh brother. Kinda makes you want to step aside and let the REAL singers step forward :-)

Thats me going flat on the main track (ARGHH!!!)...the Wookie Noise is Jim singing along at the end. Susie sounds great.

In any case, Susie was kind enough to lend us her lungs (plus trachea and other tuneful bodily components) for backing and solo vocals (?) on 7 Days. Great. Now we sound like pink floyd. Hang on, I like pink floyd. AH! Terrific!

Of course, like any Front Room session, it consists of Doing Takes and then Editing Them While You Wait!

See what happens when I get bored? Could be worse, i could have started doing sock puppets again. Big thanks to Susie, you'll be seeing (hearing?) more of her here!

We're behind schedule (or are we?) on SC2 and I did some calculations that showed 22 weeks (Novermber!!!!!) unless we pull our fingers out (Metaphorically speaking) and get on with it, so we are trying to ramp up the production process.

We're also hoping to get Susie to come along for another session, plus we're looking at some additional special guests for the album, just like on Whiskey Talkin'.

We'll have more stuff to report after the next sessions this week! Stay tuned for yet more adventures in Stereo Recording!