Slow but steady progress on SC2 continued this week with Yet More !&&#)@) vocals.

Subsequent to desk repairs at Front Room, a quick visit to Adelaide for my cousins wedding (Hey J, Hey Tamara), a band stoush (bad communication in the backline), the economic meltdown (completely irrelevant but  I just thought I'd sneak a reference in) and rampaging heards of wildebeests...Ok...maybe just interference from Random Circumstances... this week we were back in the studio continuing the work for SC2.

As you can see from the chart, we have just about laid down the first versions of everything.

Yesterday we had another attempt at the vocals for Glenrowan (so so, some bits good, some bad, more on that in a moment) and a guide track for Island Time.

Woo Hoo! Not stuck behind boxes this time! Hurrah!

I have had conflicting instruction from four singing teachers over the years, and in an effort to follow all the instructions I have received I have had more diapraghm work than the Dunlop Factory, practised pouting and trying to get forward placement of the voice, lifted my Zygomatics, worked on posture, mike placement, feet placement, hair placement. Ok, not hair placement.

Lets just say I'm still working on it. ARGGHH!!!

Anyway - as you can see fromt he album cross reference chart, we're getting closer. The next stages will be to finish the rhythm, add in the last guitar solos and then create the first pass. After that it will be editing, removing screwups, then the second pass. Thats where we take it away, listen to it and make notes.

From there it goes back into the studio for adjustment, then from there to mastering, review of mastering, tweaks, second mastering, final tweaks and and then to pressing.

Ye gods.

I'll keep readers of this site posted as we go.

Until Next Time



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