Recording SC2 - Holiday Season Sessions 3

Long post so settle in for a few vids, pics and some blogging as we journey into the unknown realm of Stormcellar 2.

Update 3 - Rhythm Sections and Guitar 1

Ho ho ho, what better fun over christmas than to keep recording. Lol.

We did a weekend run of a recording session, four set gig, then anther recording session. Ahem. In order.

First pass was laying down the Bass and Drums. This time we got through another three songs.

Mark and Jim Discussing Drums

Now I've got this El Nifty Cam from Nan (thanks Nan) with a HDD and a whole bunch of recording time....but I have to get a cable (sigh) in the interim, all this stuff is care of my trusty phone cam, hence crappy quality, but you may be glad to know that I have a whole bunch of RL footage from the recording sessions for Archival Purposes.

Anyway, the Saturday session consisted of Jim recording Mal and Mark for the next three (or was it four) tracks, like Little Big Bird.

Now in these samples, you will hear bits that wont appear on the final album. Who knows what will make it and what won't.

Jim, Mark and Mal, plus the back of Pauls Head!

For those of you who have recorded stuff, you know it involves sitting around doing nothing whilst the other guys in the band record their various elements.

Paul really likes me taking his pictures. I like my picture being taken so much I am the only one with a camera. note I am not pointing it at myself.

Meanwhile, what's going on inside the recording room?