SPACEJUNK of the future??? The UNSW Bluesat Satellite!!! Part 1 of pics and suchlike from the Spacejunk Landing at The Basement! Cheers to Chris from UNSW BLuesat! Get it? BLUES SAT??? Oh jeez...

Ok, so I have to start by saying that Part 2 will contain pics and vids of stormcellar playing, as I only have the stuff to hand from my own phone cam...When the other folks who took pics and vids email'em to me, I'll write part two...

SO...Part 1!

Thanks to Nigel and Mark S. for getting our happy little CD together for the night. Cheers guys.

Given the State of Origin and Harry Potter opening, we had a great turnout. Cheers to Pete, Melva, Joe, Pete D. and everyone who came to watch our descent. (sue, Jacklyn, Colin, KK, OMG its all coming back to me!!)

We started the evening with a tour of the universe and space exploration courtesy of Anthony Wicht from the NSA..NSAA...What the heck are those 'almost but not quite NASA initials again?" The Space Society. 

Hidden in the darkness to Anthony's right (pic left) is rOn.KnOb and his synthesiser. Ron is very mysterious! Anthony represents the true Australia Space Exploration Spirit - Beer (light) in hand and heading to the stars! (or MIT....or Mars?)

As a keen Discovery Channel viewer, this was my kind of show :-) And of course, people were getting into the preparations for the anniversary of the moon landing. including our very own Urban Spaceman, Sam who, with the assistance of a Green Screen, helped audience members to fake their own moon landing (I'll post pics when done!)

Ground Control To Major Sam? One man finds that a tight rubber suit increases his ability to attract objects!

Now normally, I'd put some pics of us up here, as we were up next (no I wouldnt. I'd put pics of the boys up because I'd be behind the camera) but as I was otherwise 'Engaged' (LOL) I'll await some shots from Chris and Dion.

However, after an eventful set (harp bag went askew, spilling harps! ARGH!!!) we disembarked from the Mission and celebrated with an Out Of This World set from the Ramblers.

I got a few pics and vids cos it was great.

I can see why Michelle has won awards for her vocals, and George's guitar work is damn classy. But, why describe when I can EMBED VIDEOS!! 

And of course, a few pics!


You try and get Michelle to stop moving!!!

 That was a great night of positive, re-energising sound, from people who are passionate about what they do.

Thanks to everyone who participated, you made the night.

PART 2 coming when I got some more pics.



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