Today saw the third attempt at our all analogue recording session, using only the finest obscure vintage gear to record some fine old obscure vintage songs..

Mrose and Paul testing their guitar lines for a song thats not even on the EP...dear oh dear...

Once again with the assistance of the wonderful DDJ and gracious Pete at Goose Studios, we tried for a third and final shot at reaching high orbit above Leichhardt.

The spacejunk process has been a hell of a ride. With a live mix to two track, there is very little room for error.

Today I brought my own contribution to the pile of spacejunk, in the form of the Ye Olde Transistor Bass Amp from the 1980's as a Harp Amp, with some mixed results. The sound was better but I joined the ranks of the Pedal Wielding Guitarists, only to be spared from failure by Pete's willingness to provide a 9 volt battery. Oh the shame.

During this process, we have tried the same set list, but with our failure to secure a release to use the lyrics from Dirty Work, and my inability to come up with anything more interesting to replace them with, we opted to try out an old standard - up the line by little walter.

Unfortunately, my Chromatic skills are shall i put this...crap. Ah yes. That has the ring of truth to it. Ho hum. Mrose reminds me not to worry about trying to sound like little walter (as if!!!) I had to opt for a Fellow Harp Player Smile Inducing version of the chromatic solo (Oh The Shame, Part 2).

We had Bill Crosslands join us on bass for the session today, cheers Bill!

After a reasonably simple run through of Up The Line, we thought 'no problem, we'll knock over Swamp Monster in 2 takes'.
 You ever had the feeling you were saying something you were going to regret immediately having said it?

Can anyone say '14 takes'.

Ok, they weren't all takes. To be fair, some of them were just starting and stopping. ARGH!!!!

Anyway, we got through it. Now, with our Launch Budget exhausted, DDJ and Pete Exhausted and the band Entirely Sick Of Playing Those Tracks I think we're done. We'll pick the best of what's been recorded in the three sessions and voila.

DDJ is hooking up the gear to listen to these recordings, then it will be back into the studio for a quick polish and then out into the wild.

Here's a moment from the playback on Come Back Baby.

I'll post an update as we monitor, select and master and you'll be able to get a copy soon!

Next week, we're switching back to the Digital Realm as we continue recording SC2 and starting to get the video clips for the album organised (oh boy have we got some stuff in store for you).

We're also playing up at Mangrove Memorial club next weekend, just near the site of our first spacejunk attempt.

Until next time