With work proceeding apace on Spacejunk and SC2 , it's time to start getting the visual components going. As we're hoping eventually to see Spacejunk as an analogue release, that means lots more space for cover art. SC2? I'm only at first draft stage...

Here's what we got so far for Spacejunk cover concepts. Thanks to NOAA and Nasa for being public domain!

This Is Spacejunk Cover Concept 1 - Hmmm....a tad cheesy

Despite any launchpad explosions, we're expecting to see Spacejunk released in the next two months. Thats principally because once we get the right performance to 2 track (live), its a short process for mastering and then Voila. At the end of the process, we will have 1/4" master tapes ready go go back to Digital or maybe to Vinyl. We'll see how we go. the first release will definitely be CD based though.

Concept 2 - Not bad...

Whilst getting the 70's vibe for this stuff and researching Nasa, i spotted a cool Mission Patch:

And as Spacejunk has been all about the process, the way in which we do it, as much as the end result, I kind of figured it was right to issue the chaps with their own mission patches for each launch.

Here's the first three! (two launch patches and a flight crew patch)

But, after much work (like about ten minutes) I settled on my favourite spacejunk cover art concept:

Spacejunk cover Concept 3 - Me Like'im This One Plenty

I built this one at A3 size - you ought to see it full size (ok, admittedly fan of own work. apols). I did a test print run with our good pal Jamie at Cosmoprint and it came out gorgeous on their massive digital printer. I still have a few pre release copies left.

I expect to see a variant on #3 as the final cover.

Now all I gotta do is figure wtf we're gonna call SC2 and the art for that...

Until next Time



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