Mrose Preparing For Docking at the TLF Module at Goose

Our 2nd Spacejunk recording session, this time at Goose Studios in the TLF Module! Read on for more updates on our Adventures on the Analogue Frontier!

Recap: Here's a quick history of the Spacejunk Mission so far...

Whilst recording our Second Album (SC2 is its current Thats funny. ) we decided to take a break and record an EP. Now THATs funny.

Our beloved brother DDJ has been producing Cassingles from vintage analogue gear for the band The Lonely Few, which have been terrifying, wondrous and inspirational - so, we chose a couple of choice tracks and have pursued a course of Exotic Locations (NSW Central Coast and Sydney's Inner West, where Bikie clubs spontaneously explode) and even more exotic equipment.

What strange alien species inhabit this world?

On our first mission, we pulled in some good performances and so-so recording. On this occasion, we opted to follow DDJ to the TLF Module at Goose where the Lonely Few have been creating their analogue WMD's.

To paraphrase a quote used by Adam Savage, 'I reject reality and substitute my own', so if you occasionally get confused between whether this is a musical recording or some strange DIY Nasa Satellite Launch, dont worry. I pointed out to DDJ last night that my reality is quite a nice, if slightly odd, place.

Ahem. And so...

Our first attempt was to an 8 Track 1/2 Inch. On this second attempt, we were going for a live mix to stereo 1/4 inch tape, on an old Otari Machine.

DDJ at the controls inside the TLF module.

The night before, at our gig at the Merton Estate, DDJ had brought in his recently acquired Mono Nagra (Ex Australian Army...OMG) and did some sample recordings (BTW it was a good gig. Havent been blogging the gigs cos there's been too damn many of them...its usually a blur, but even more so recently)...

Important gear at the Merton. Left to right, Omni Microphone, Drink, Mono Nagra, DDJ.

The mono recordings turned out OK, but that was just a test.

After our gig at Parramatta Mall Amphitheatre yesterday with Slinky Pete filling in on Bass (Hey Slink, happy Birthday) we headed into Goose Studios to dock the SC3-EP1 mission with the TLF Module (DDJ's gear, pete's studio).

Here's a totally gratuitous plug for Pete's studio:

Ok, so I just like colourful stuff...but google goose studios if ya wanna visit this fine establishment.

Drum Check!

And here I go again with the space references. Sometimes I realise I am still about five years old.

In fact, the more I looked around, the more retro-space images I started to see.

Is it a skylight...or....The Porthole on the TLF Module?

Strange lights in the sky?

Meanwhile, inside the control module:

Just a quick note: Pete maintains the most scrupulously clean studio I have been in this side of the Harbour Bridge.

So whilst the boy set up. DDJ and Pete prepped the tape unit for action.

After a quick couple of run throughs of Help Me to get warmed up, we spent the rest of the evening recording in the TLF module, running back to the control module to hear it, then running back to redo another take.

Sometimes I arrive too late in the piece..just in time for the punchline. Mal obviously thought it was funny. Apparently, it was a story about Rose Tattoo. Must ask Paul what it was.


Once again, we tried the same set as at Mangrove Mountain (Mission SC3-EP1) - Help Me, Dirty Work, Sweet Misery, Swamp Monster and...well..Merchandise didnt make it this time...

So, it was time to roll tape as SC3-EP1 docked with the TLF module to create mission SC3-EP1-TLF.

Ready Pete?

Standing By

Roll Tape!

DDJ made a point regarding the compression that tape gives to audio. He also wanted to display where he thinks the levels should be set to make best use of tape compression. Note the following images.

yes, there is an indicator. Its just a tad far to the right. Oh yeah, and that little red light means something too.

Thats Ok. We maxed out the other channel too:

As we did each take we checked the ones with a better playing vibe against the tape.

Dirty Work was still ho-hum (IMHO) performance wise (DDJ says we have perfectionist issues. he's correct) and sweet misery was not as strong as the SC3-EP1 mission, but Swamp Monster? Ah yes.

Even though it will officially be a track from SC2 (the second album) we just couldn't resist getting a live to stereo mix version of it. 

The following vids are from us in the control module listening to the mixed track.

And thats just the sound via my phone cam thing!

Thus we completed the docking of the mission, rewound our tape stock and scuttled off home, absolutely flipping exhausted.

Next stage for this recording session is to master and mix the stereo 1/4 inch tape and see if we get a couple of takes. My guess is we will need a few more sessions to get the right performance on the last couple of songs.

This week, we're resuming the recording on SC2, playing at the University of Western Sydney and the Lansdowne and generally making a nuisance of ourselves.

OH - BTW - if you want to hear Sweet Misery from SC3-EP1 mission at Mangrove Mountain, go to and you can hear the 8 track 1/2 inch recording.

Until next Time, 



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