Steve Flack,  legendary Guitar Hero, player and writer

for Australian Guitarist Magazine reviewed 'Whiskey Talkin'.

Here's what he had to say:


 'As a Duane Allman & Lowell George buff, I own all of their recorded output and sometimes lament that these giants of the slide guitar aren’t around & producing new material. 

However, I found a CD that satisfied my need for a good bit of slide guitar in Stormcellars' debut ‘Whiskey Talkin'.

 Paul Read plays slide ‘a la’ Duane & Lowell in a very strong performance in the Blues-Rock tradition and the duo is rounded out with the Big Man of the Sydney Blues Scene, Michael Barry on Vocals and Harmonica – Mike lays down his vocal lines with authority – he has a tough but smooth texture to his voice & at times puts me in mind of Dom Turner of the Backsliders & other great voices we know but can’t quite put our finger on, so I think we can say that he definitely has his own voice. Whether live or in studio, Michaels' voice is always choc full of personality, he’s believable & you know he’s having fun. Sometimes albums can be a little samey and repetitious with the songs complying with a genre, but ‘Whiskey Talkin’ is a grand tour of the styles that make up the blues rock genre, from the title track which is a very funky offering that has a Little Feat feel (after they had discovered The Meters), to Electric Delta sounds. The engine room really carries the day with the old firm of Jim Finn on drums and Michael Lynch on Bass in support of the project. Michael Lynch shows off his skills with some wonderful mandolin playing. I'm hearing acoustic Led Zeppelin meeting Ry Cooder. I think this is definitely one for your collection. 

Steve Flack'