Remain calm. Everything is fiiiine. Fine

Fine fine fine

Just fine.

Fine. Ok so I admit I had expected to be up and running for the next stage of test streaming. Technical stuff is pretty much sorted. With restrictions on gathering and a certain willingness to err on the side of caution, Content Production is moving....slowly.


Oh So Slowly.

Yes I know it's a pandemic and all. In the interim, I'm watching some more of our mates doing their streaming shows, encourages me to get on with it.

Our fave Kiwi Cousin has been keeping me entertained with a live stream for the last few weeks. At this rate it's going to be a bit longer before we're up and running.

Mr Wizard suggested I ramble on about harmonicas; I'm not sure there's quite as large an audience for Harmonica FanBoy Streams as he might think. Dunno. Maybe it's a thing :)

Meanwhile there is a plan, yes I am working to that plan, No I am not going to tell you what that plan is. heh.

Work continues on the gathered pile of songs. I still have many files of guide tracks to clean up and more keeps being sent to me. Ye gods.

Oh and the next stage of mixing for our most recent work will kick off in the coming week.

Patience and perserverance are good allies for this time. Once we get this stuff together I hope to be able to share the real-time making of some of the new material.


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