Ok thanks to Caroline for pointing out that I had deleted the merchandise link.

ok, sorted.

For the record:

Redbubble Merch on demand.


It's back up in the menu. Oops. My bad.


As I tested the other link, the one that takes you to the place where you buy our stuff directly via CD baby?


CD Baby retired our music store in March of 2020 in order to place our focus entirely on the tools and services that are most meaningful to musicians today and tomorrow.

(cough) bullshit

hmmm, If I was running an e-commerce store for music and I decided without notice to the musicians to withdraw the direct-to-retail option, I wonder how I might, hypothetically, phrase it bluntly.

Maybe like this:

'we weren't making enough out of this to warrant dealing with retail customers so we're gonna let Apple & Spotify make the $ and we'll make our money charging you to sign up to them. All that 'we're in this together' stuff from our founder is well gone because, well, no one's making enough money out of it. Oh yeah, by the way, your customers can pay more to buy through the retailers while you get less but oh well, that's business, nothing personal kid.'


Obviously I am not saying this is what they meant.

But it would be what I meant, if I said it.

Ohhhhh the timesssss they are a chaaaaaaangin.

Sing it Bob.