The great thing about research is that it is cheaper than doing things.

I have noticed, over time, that we have some interesting habits.

1. we don't tend to tell folks exactly what it is we're doing.

This is practical. Many of the things we do don''s the word? Umm. Work. Ah yes. that's it.

We do give them project names. Ok, I give them project names so the other guys have some clue as to what I am talking about.

2. Get close and declare victory.

Mr Wizard says 30% of what I think needs to be done is 100% of what everyone else thinks needs to be done. Ah. Yeah.

We get along the idea path as far as we can, until we run out of gas, funds or help. There's a lot of video stuff that we'd be up for, if circumstances permitted.

That's the way of things. It's pleasing to see how much we actually get done.

3. We test

It's not unusual for us to try Pilots - like The Last Gig In Sydney.

Sometimes these things go Hilariously wrong.

To borrow and twist a quote, we bury it and plant vines.

Pilot efforts are often 2/3 of the effort of a finished thing.

4. Take small steps towards an idea.

The research is a step, a pilot, a test. So is deploying a single element of the idea, then growing it to add others.

5. Water what grows

Some good ideas are not good ideas. 

The one's that grow need water and then you see what you get. The one's that don't thrive, you might try again, or, accept that not all ideas, even the good ones, work :-)


I'm in research mode. Thanks google.

As soon as this stuff starts to move, you'll likely see some blogging on it.

Until then, imagine us in the shadows, quietly looking at our wilted tomato plants and wondering how the cat got in.