The live video will take the time it takes. It's a thing.

With audio from the desk + video from 3 cameras...

Also, we have to capture the performance to a standard that the guys accept, which is hard, cos the camera makes them nervous omg..

Even though they've been filmed countless times by people with their phones, the gang are notoriously shy when it comes to making our own stuff.

This is taking multiple attempts. I'm ok with that. Patience is a factor.


Until we get some of the jobs finished that we have on the cards, the next projects are circling.

I mean it's been almost 6 months since we recorded anything ;-)

Gotta love the 21st century.


It'll take us a few more weeks to get through what we're doing, then we'll have  chance to start putting down the guides for the next experiments.

I had expected to have video out by now, but, you know. Stuff.

So there.

If it's quiet on the blog, you know what I'm up to. Stuff.

Also more website changes underway just cos.


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