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Kansas City musician & Community activist, Danny Cox & son Jo want to inspire you to get out & vote with a school house rock inspired anthem,  

to remind you who’s in charge


Danny Cox, Kansas City musical legend and political activist talks about his Get Out The Vote song  ‘We The People’.

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Danny Cox wants you to Vote!

“I hope that people feel empowered, (it says) in the song that Authority derives from us. From us we give it to them. We need to get ourselves in shape and make sure that we hold them responsible. In our election here in America, only 50% of the people even chose to participate… Which means there is a whole lot of room for change. And that’s what we hope to do. As a matter of fact we are using the song to have a slogan.”

“It doesn’t take much, as (peeved) as women are, as (peeved) as young people are about these killings in the schools. And it’s not going to take a whole lot, I would like as many people to get involved. That’s all we have to do, we have to go out in community. My wife is working right now going door to door with an organization telling people how important it is to vote.”

On Musical Activism

“I am a student and a warrior for the oral tradition I’m out there and I am sharing that. You know the oral tradition is the history of the losers, the ones who didn’t win the war and I want to share that history because therein lies the balance of truth in the ability to communicate the history because three fifths of all history is in the aural tradition, not written.”

“For me, it started when the Mother Superior came to my house to speak to my Mother because my Sister had refused to say the pledge of allegiance to the flag, “I pledge allegiance to the flag the united states of America and to the republic to which it stands one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. And she refused to say it!

So mother superior, thinking my mother would punish her, said, “Well what are we going to do about this?”

My mother said “Well Margaret why won’t you say it?”

She said, “Mother Superior taught us never to lie and there is no liberty in justice for all and I refuse to say it.” Boy! My God! I was a boy and she was just a kid in the 10th grade. She was 9 years older than me so you could see that I was just a kid and she was a woman.

Man, it set me off and ever since then I have been involved as an activist.

A friend I went to high school with was John Sweet, he was honored by the Smithsonian for a lifetime achievement in civil rights, and when we were in the 7th grade he brought me to his home, and in his home there would be guys like Pete Seger just kind of hanging out because his dad was a union newspaper editor. So they had all these people and I started learning folk music by learning all the old resistance songs - not Kingston trio, and I started going to jail in the 8th grade for picketing and I have been at it ever since. Just turned 75 and was at a conference this weekend to find out how better serve my community

As we get older we don’t have the energy to get out in the street like we do when we were young but these kids do and we have a sense of history in time and its equally as valuable if we respect each other and that’s what gonna make this new world happen.’

On working with Australian band ‘Stormcellar’ for this song:

‘I met these dudes from down under. It’s amazing how the world loves our blues. We just denied it. I don’t know what it was? We just denied our blues. The rest of the world kept it safe for us until we grew up enough to see how precious and valuable it was. And here were these guys sharing our blues with us. It was wonderful. And they came to my home and we had a fundraiser for Harvesters, and they wanted to share this good experience full of blues players, to share this wonderful rich tradition we have of the world. And they wrote this wonderful song that my son Jo and I recorded it. We’re going to have the world singing it brother. Get up off your ass and vote !! No matter where you are!”

Danny & Jo & their friends in Stormcellar want you to share this song and its important message.


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About Danny Cox.

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Born in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Kansas City, Kansas in 1967. As a youth, he sang in a church choir together with Rudolph Iseley, and started his professional career performing on a Hootennany Folk Tour in the 1960’s. Danny has recorded albums for ABC Dunhill, Casablanca, MGM and others. He also partnered a company called Good Karma Productions, run by Vanguard Coffee House (K.C.) owner Stan Plesser, manager of folk rock duo Brewer & Shipley, Southern rock band The Ozark Mountain Daredevils.

September 2011 Cox recorded the long-awaited "KANSAS CITY-WHERE I BELONG" at Pilgrim Chapel in Kansas City, MO. Produced by Dr. Roger Coleman, filmmaker Benjamin Meade and musician Bob Walkenhorst, the CD (along with a short film entitled "Up Close and Personal" by Benjamin Meade) was released January 2012 by Pilgrim Chapel Music in Kansas City, MO. Included are tracks that Cox wrote more than 30 years ago along with more recent material featuring his son Joseph. The package artwork features several drawings by Cox and was designed by Amy Young.

In 2012 Cox wrote the music, lyrics and starred for the show "Fair Ball", a musical play about the dramatic history and courage of the men and women who played against all odds of racial segregation, including the "Jim Crow" laws, in the Negro Leagues baseball leagues. The musical is a revision of The Monarchs of KC and includes new songs, characters and true stories from a tumultuous and entertaining era of baseball history.

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In 2013 Danny struck up a friendship with Australian band 'Stormcellar' who were touring the US. As guests of Danny's fundraising efforts for Harvest International, the Aussies set to work to write a song that expressed Danny's committed sense of activism in the community. The resulting duet, sung with his son Joe, Cox, is 'We The People' a school house rock influenced Anthem for Get Out The Vote.

This may be the most important message of our time, and using music to communicate the empowerment of voting.

About Stormcellar.

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Stormcellar are a pioneering 21st Century Australian Roots Band, with a string of critically acclaimed albums, 4 US tours and a decade of live performance.

Over 10 years they have gathered media attention by way of their viral music videos, appearing on the Channel 9 Today show, ABC's RAGE and featuring on radio across the US, Australia and Europe.

The Blues Bible 'Living Blues' reviewed their 8th project 'Kansas City Gold', a rare mention for an Australian band, rarer still for one based entirely on original writing, with Stormcellar becoming one of the first Australian bands to write for old school, original US Blues & Soul legends. Americana & Roots magazine 'No Depression' calls them 'powerhouse songwriters'.

Understandably, Stormcellar have developed a cult following in the US, Europe and Australia.

In 2018 Stormcellar are working towards the release of their 10th and 11th albums and the completion of the corresponding Video elements.