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9 gigs done, 1 to go, 5 windows replaced

Howdy Folks. We've had a busy last few days, with 8 gigs in a row and a last one tonight at the Albert Hotel from 7pm.


There are a lot of stories to tell from this trip, some of which will fall under the What-Goes-On-Tour-Stays-On-Tour  rule, but here's one anecdote I can share in this preliminary report.


On Wednesday night we did our late Show at the Albert and after a week of doing all the soft gentle songs, the boys were itching for a big night. Little did we know we had an equally 'enthusiastic' soundo who decided he liked the music and liked it LOUD. We were on stage as the midnight hour rolled in and Australia day commenced and as the crowd knew they had a day off, things got pretty hectic.

The band played and the Soundo turned the knobs to 11.


Ye Gods.


The next day we backed up for the 2pm show in the Marquee (my ears still ringing and still a little cranky about that) and as we were setting up, one of the bouncers said hello. 


'Good stuff last night mate. We had to replace 5 windows!'


I might add, these were windows on the 2nd floor of the pub.


Yikes! Whole new meaning to the term 'Storm Windows'...


We'll be doing our last show of this run tonight and then heading back to town tomorrow. By early next week I should have some pics and vids up from the trip. 


Y'all come back now, y'hear!



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