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Fashion statements and Photographic Oddities

We've had a request from our management team (Roger?) to get some new photos done, which is more difficult than you may imagine, as none of us particularly like doing photos. Tonight , for the second only time, we had a 'stylist' meeting (ye gods). Big thanks to the wonderful Jodee.

She inspected our hair (apparently we all have excellent hair, with Theo's being the best), two of us look good in hats (wont mention who), one of us should wear Beads and , according to Jodee I have a 'Deadwood' / 'Al Swearengen' thing going on. I am not so sure about this. Here is Ian McShane as Al Swearengen




And here's me, attempting my best Al Swearengen look...or not.




I think he can do the glare more convincingly and besides which, he has a much more constrained Mo' :-)


The next step is 'accessorising' (OMG), picking the location for the next photos, waiting for the photographer to get back from New York (boy are we Hipsters all of a sudden) and then away we go. I think there was some discussion about leopard skin couches, white moccasins and possibly a sombrero. Oh boy. It'll be a few weeks before we do the photoshoot, stay tuned for the result...

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